America's #1 College Training Camp

Jayden Maillian
8:00 AM-4:30 PM

Evaluated at Showcase Camp - Atlanta Boys on 11/20/2023 by Coach Moulden of Georgia Southern University

Skillset Overview

Technical Abilities - 87 / 100
Dribbling - Quality with ball at both feet. Good in tight spaces, and makes good use of moves to beat defenders.
Finishing - Has a knack for being in the right places, looks to score, and has the ability to finish.
Tactical Abilities - 87 / 100
Speed Of Thought - Has good ideas and tries to play fast. This will only help future growth.
Reading The Game - Does well seeing the first level of pressure and making appropriate decision on the ball.
Physical Abilities - 87 / 100
Endurance - Great work rate throughout camp. Showed endurance that helped effectiveness, especially late.
Agility - Showed good agility. Good body positioning and footwork helped you change directions quickly.
Mental Abilities - 87 / 100
Confidence - Great confidence, didn’t shy away when challenged at camp and played with a sense of urgency.
Passion For The Game - Brings energy to every session that was contagious. Great approach to the game!
Coach's Comments
Jayden had a great attitude and willingness to learn at the event. He asked good insightful questions about the recruiting process. He showed promise in the attacking third of the field and finished well when he had the chance.
Technical - Continue to improve overall range and types of finishes/shots on the goal. As well as improving the ability to receive the ball in tight spaces and finding pockets of space. Ultimately end product is what all attacking players are judged on.
Physical - Continue to work on endurance and overall fitness, as this is one of the most important aspects of college soccer. Work to become more explosive and powerful - Regular strength and conditioning is recommended to increase preparedness for college soccer.
Mental - Continue to improve speed of decision making and speed of thought, this will make it easier to play against older guys.