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Scott Termotto
Team 5

Evaluated at Mid-Atlantic Boys Academic 50 ID Camp on 07/13/2022 by Coach Delaney of Haverford College

Skillset Overview

Technical Abilities - 95 / 100
Hands - Great strong hands. Ball seems to stick on a save.
Diving - Good technique and strength on diving plays. Covers good distance and gets extended reach.
Tactical Abilities - 95 / 100
Communication - Great communicator; organizes and directs teammates well and communicates frequently.
Defensive Awareness - Understands team defensive schemes, shows understanding of positioning and angles.
Physical Abilities - 95 / 100
Endurance - Great work rate throughout camp. Showed endurance that helped effectiveness, especially late.
Explosiveness - Great quickness and explosiveness, especially in the first step or two.
Mental Abilities - 95 / 100
Leadership - Excellent job taking charge and leading the team. Great communicator and motivator.
Confidence - Great confidence, didn’t shy away when challenged at camp and played with a sense of urgency.
Coach's Comments
Scotty was a true pleasure to work with throughout the duration of camp. He showed off his talent and his personality, and that is why he was our Golden Glove recipient. Scotty has a bright collegiate future ahead of him.
The modern college keeper uses their feet 7x more in a game compared to their hands, so continue to work on playing balls from the feet.
Make sure your angles are covered when you come out for shots around PK spot or closer.
Utilize your punt, long throw, short roll out, etc. when distributing the ball. This will make you more of a versatile keeper at the college level.