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Sarah Walker
Team 19

Evaluated at Northeast Girls Academic 50 ID Camp on 07/18/2021 by Coach Lopes of St. Peter's College

Skillset Overview

Technical Abilities - 95 / 100
Passing - Creates opportunities for teammates with accurate passes. Rarely over or under hits the ball.
Defending - Aggressive as a defender. Good footwork and positioning, and seems to enjoy the 1v1 battles.
Tactical Abilities - 95 / 100
Field Spacing - Highly active and involved in the attack. Gives good distance of support and passing angles for teammates.
Reading The Game - Does well seeing the first level of pressure and making appropriate decision on the ball.
Physical Abilities - 92 / 100
Speed - Great speed overall, in particular when running into space. Will be an important asset going forward.
Strength - Did a good job handling challenges and played well shoulder-to-shoulder.
Mental Abilities - 97 / 100
Competitiveness - Showed a strong desire to win and seems to enjoy the competition. Keep working hard!
Coachable - Responds well to coaching. Asked good questions and seemed to enjoy the learning process.
Coach's Comments
Sarah was one of the strongest players on my team and she showed a great attitude throughout the camp. Her defending skills and field spacing stand out in her gameplay. As a 2022 grad, she stills has time to develop physically and tactically her roles in the field. She has a bright soccer future.
Communication is extremely important for a player, this will help you to receive more balls from defenders and help the team to be compact when defending. When communicating in the field you will play better as a player and you going to be able to guide your teammates in the field.
When playing from the back, you a center holding gotta be always a passing option for your teammates. An easy way is to check your shoulders and run into free spaces.
This will help you to be more comfortable in going to attack with the ball and better ball control.