America's #1 College Training Camp

Benicio Castillo

Evaluated at Southwest Boys Academic 50 ID Camp on 08/08/2020 by Coach Daum of Southwest Baptist University

Skillset Overview

Technical Abilities - 95 / 100
Dribbling - Quality with ball at both feet. Good in tight spaces, and makes good use of moves to beat defenders.
Passing - Creates opportunities for teammates with accurate passes. Rarely over or under hits the ball.
Tactical Abilities - 92 / 100
Field Spacing - Highly active and involved in the attack. Gives good distance of support and passing angles for teammates.
Group Play - Play was elevated in team activities. Great understanding of your roles and responsibilities within a team.
Physical Abilities - 87 / 100
Speed - Great speed overall, in particular when running into space. Will be an important asset going forward.
Agility - Showed good agility. Good body positioning and footwork helped you change directions quickly.
Mental Abilities - 95 / 100
Confidence - Great confidence, didn’t shy away when challenged at camp and played with a sense of urgency.
Passion For The Game - Brings energy to every session that was contagious. Great approach to the game!
Coach's Comments
Benicio is an exciting and highly technical player to watch. In the midfield, he is very involved in the attack, communicates well with his teammates and knows his role in affecting the outcome of the game. These strengths made him among the players at camp with a high potential to play college soccer.
Work on disrupting passes. - Because BC is currently a smaller player physically, make sure to aggressively attack incoming passes and 50/50 balls. BC has a higher chance to impact the game defensively if he can challenge unsettled balls then defending while an opposing attacker is under control of the ball.
Work on building strength and then explosiveness. - Strength improvement will help you hold your own out on the field, explosiveness training will see you become a very dangerous dribbler and even quicker player.
Work on turning and cutting quickly - This is not an area of weakness, but continuing to train your ability to change direction on the ball will elevate your game even more and make you a nightmare for opposing midfielders to defend.