America's #1 College Training Camp

Kaitlyn Isom
8:00 am-5:00 pm Team T-4

Evaluated at Phoenix Girls Multi College ID Camp on 01/19/2019 by Coach DeVries of Paradise Valley Community

Skillset Overview

Technical Abilities - 92 / 100
Defending - Aggressive as a defender. Good footwork and positioning, and seems to enjoy the 1v1 battles.
Ball Control - Quality first touch in space, and controls the ball under pressure.
Tactical Abilities - 89 / 100
Reading The Game - Does well seeing the first level of pressure and making appropriate decision on the ball.
Defensive Awareness - Understands team defensive schemes, shows understanding of positioning and angles.
Physical Abilities - 89 / 100
Endurance - Great work rate throughout camp. Showed endurance that helped effectiveness, especially late.
Balance - Seemed to handle the challenges you faced well. Good job staying on your feet and not getting knocked off the ball.
Mental Abilities - 92 / 100
Coachable - Responds well to coaching. Asked good questions and seemed to enjoy the learning process.
Team Player - Great team-first attitude. Was encouraging and supportive to teammates throughout camp.
Coach's Comments
Kaitlyn was a pleasure to work with at camp. Kaitlyn, she was very coachable and has a desire to become a better player. Her awareness and vision on the field and technical skills help her create opportunities for teammates. As a 2020 grad, she still has time to develop physically and has the potential to become and elite player.
Your vision and understanding of the game it at a high level. In order to become an elite player at the college level, your communication with your teammates needs to become a be a vital aspect of your game.
Defenders that can put them themselves in a position finish shots on goal are highly desirable.
You can make up for speed with positioning and a great explosive first step. You have great positioning... Now uplevel your game to the college level with an explosive first step.