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Maxwell Dopp

Evaluated at Midwest Boys Academic 50 ID Camp on 08/06/2020 by Coach Logan of Trine University

Skillset Overview

Technical Abilities - 92 / 100
Passing - Creates opportunities for teammates with accurate passes. Rarely over or under hits the ball.
Defending - Aggressive as a defender. Good footwork and positioning, and seems to enjoy the 1v1 battles.
Tactical Abilities - 92 / 100
Reading The Game - Does well seeing the first level of pressure and making appropriate decision on the ball.
Defensive Awareness - Understands team defensive schemes, shows understanding of positioning and angles.
Physical Abilities - 95 / 100
Endurance - Great work rate throughout camp. Showed endurance that helped effectiveness, especially late.
Speed - Great speed overall, in particular when running into space. Will be an important asset going forward.
Mental Abilities - 95 / 100
Resistance To Stress - Maintains composure in pressure situations. Great job staying focused on the task at hand.
Passion For The Game - Brings energy to every session that was contagious. Great approach to the game!
Coach's Comments
Max has a great attitude and a willingness to learn. He was very strong defensively and also not afraid to join in the attack. I believe Max will have a flourishing college career if he keeps developing.
Watch professional players in your position - Tactically analyze their positioning especially defensively and with the ball to improve your game awareness
Communicate more - When you are defending or playing communicate with players around you to be more compact and organized defensively
Know moments when to join the attack and when not to - This will help you become a more rounded or complete full back especially as this is becoming more prevalent in good teams.
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